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Bakery Laboratory started off as a trading company in 2000, focusing on the supply
of key ingredients to the baking and food industry through the years.

With strong expertise in raw materials and extensive know-how in ingredients processing, we begin to produce our own ingredients to serve the market. As demand expanded, we moved to our new factory in Tuas for manufacturing and warehousing in Year 2010. It boasts storage facilities unique for various storage requirements, i.e. Frozen, chilled, air conditioned and ambient.

Based in Singapore, we focus on producing professional food and beverages ingredients, with growing production capacity supported with advanced equipment and strong professional team of R&D, we insisted in selecting only premium raw materials from around the world, committed to constant innovation and development, and strictly control and guarantee food-safety so as to serve the dynamics of domestic, as well as Asia Pacific markets.

  • More than 20 years of successful experiences in working with raw materials and ingredients.
  • Specialized – Creative – Flexible
    “We Turn Ideas Into Realities !”
  • Local Production – International Quality Standard
    “Premium Quality at Local Price”
  • Products are Halal certified (MUIS)


  • Manufacturing of chocolate, fruits, and nuts related ingredients
  • R&D team with experiences in product customization


  • Trading and distribution of ingredients for bakery, pastry, beverage, ice cream, dessert and other applications


  • Product customization, private labelling, and repacking
  • Provide technical support and assistance on applications, ways to improve product quality, increase product value, and other solutions
  • BakeLab’s in-depth understanding of various raw materials’ characteristics allowed us to develop a wide range of blended and mixed ingredients that are unique to the norm.
  • BakeLab’s R&D and technical professionals possess intensive knowledge in food and beverage preparation, by which we are able to develop readymade ingredients to help our customer shorten preparation time, increase efficiency, reduce manhour, efforts, and wastages.
  • Quality: To be well-accepted in the market, BakeLab strongly believe that quality is not just essential, it is critical. We set our standard in food-safety and quality of both products and services higher than what are required by the relevant authorities and what are expected by general public, from the very beginning of sourcing for raw materials, to the final delivery of the products and services.
  • Value: BakeLab also believes that having good quality is good but yet not enough. We expect our customers and partners to want more than just a good product from us. BakeLab commits to increase our product value by providing solution with various services and supports such as technical know-how, marketing, customization, trainings and demo, and many more.
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